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Outreach Programs – Let Us Come To You!

These popular programs engage students through an exciting experience using live raptors to help them learn and retain information about wild animals native to their backyards without ever having to leave the classroom! We’ll explore such concepts as adaptation, habitats, predator/prey relationships as well as the actions we can take to make a difference for wildlife and the environment. Students will have the chance to explore hands-on with biofacts such as feathers and talons for up close learning. All of our programs are designed to stimulate curiosity for the natural world and help teachers reach curriculum goals in a memorable way.
Our programs are also great for scout groups, home school groups, after school activities, career day, science nights, and daycare centers.
Available daily, year-round, please be sure to schedule your program at least two weeks in advance to ensure your first choice in dates. Please indicate any subjects you would like us to cover during your program. (For example: adaptations, habitat, endangered species, or raptors in urban environments.)

Outreach Programs Descriptions

All About Owls

Featuring two species of owls native to Tennessee, this program focuses on the adaptions these nocturnal creatures use to thrive in the night-time environment.Length: 30 minutes

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Masters of the Skies

This program features two species of diurnal raptors (hawks, falcons, vultures) native to Tennessee, and centers on the specialized adaptations these birds utilize to become the masters of the skies.Length: 30 minutes

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Schedule with us today by emailing us at natalie@smokymountainraptorcenter.org

East Coast Raptors

Starring three or four different species of raptors native to Tennessee and the Eastern United States, this program explores what makes raptors unique in the avian world and what roles they play in our environment.Length: 1 hour

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Schedule with us today by emailing us at natalie@smokymountainraptorcenter.org

Outreach Programs Cost and Requirements

What a great way to support Smoky Mountain Raptor Center and give a great program to your classroom or other group event.

Why Choose Smoky Mountain Raptor Center

-We care about our raptors and our community!

-We love teaching others to care about raptors!

-We are professionals in our field.

What Others Say About the Programs

Smoky Mountain Raptor Center (Upstate Birds of Prey) made a presentation at one of the Knoxville Symphony League’s Elegant Dining events last year. It was very well received by all who attended – in fact, since there was a waiting list the program is being offered again this year. It has also sold out! Natalie and Tim Mong made the presentation, to an adult group of 30 people, holding their attention for over an hour. Many expressed delight in learning more about the raptor population and how they positively influence our world. Linda H.
Walland Elementary School in Blount County has monthly events to increase parent involvement. Natalie and her birds of prey have attended each month. She has brought a Kestrel, Great Horned Owl and others. Each has been fascinating, educational, and a real crowd pleaser. We can hardly wait until next month! Phil Y.
Smoky Mountain Raptor Center (Upstate Birds of Prey) is a dedicated and enthusiastic educational partner for our adult bird workshops. Natalie regularly amazes us with in depth programs that truly connect our participants to the world of raptors. Her passion for raptor conservation is evident, and her meticulous care for the birds in her charge is impressive. Natalie even invited one of our classes to observe the release of a rehabilitated Cooper's Hawk. Our participants will never forget that magical experience! Tiffany B. - Citizen Science Coordinator, Great Smoky Mtn. Inst. at Tremont
Our multi generational family gathered in the Smokies last summer from various states. We were honored to be able to tour Smoky Mountain Raptor Center (Upstate Birds of Prey) facility and presentation of the resident raptors. Natalie Mong and Muriah Bottemiller shared their expertise handling the birds and knowledge of the avian world. It was a treat and highlight to add this to our special time in TN. Gardner Family
Carpenters Elementary students and staff have had the pleasure of having Smoky Mountain Raptor Center (Upstate Birds of Prey) come and participate in our spring and fall Science Day Events. The students are excited to spend time seeing the birds and learning about them through Natalie, LeAnne and Upstate's volunteers. Yvonne S.
Dedicated to the rescue and preservation of birds of prey through education, rehabilitation and the return of these majestic birds back into the wild.