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This is the Red-Tailed Hawk that started it all! I started my wildlife rehabilitation career caring for baby squirrels, raising them and releasing them back into the wild. One day the director of the organization asked me to help with a Red-Tailed Hawk that was hit by a car and was, at the time of rescue, paralyzed from the neck down. We made a special “incline” for it to rest on so there was not so much pressure on its chest, it could process food properly and believe it or not it could cough up a pellet.

We think, due to its’ size, it was an adult female and the rescuer asked that we name it after his daughter who was very ill at the time so……. Ashley healed with no medications, just TLC, and started moving in 3 days, was put into her mew within another 4 days and amazingly enough, she was released in 1 month.

After this experience I was hooked! I looked into all of the training and permits that are required to work with raptors and started this amazing, God led, journey! We were lead to start a non-profit organization knowing the immense cost of rescuing, caring for and having education raptors!

Please follow our website, facebook page or blog so you can go on this journey with me! Feel free to email me with questions and we can post them along with the answer on our blog! I love sharing what I know and learning about what I do not yet know. The first thing you learn, you will never know it all!

Red-Tailed Hawk – “Ashley”

Dedicated to the rescue and preservation of birds of prey through education, rehabilitation and the return of these majestic birds back into the wild.