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The Smoky Mountain Raptor Center’s Adopt-A-Raptor program enables anyone the ability to help us care for our non-releasable, education avian ambassadors.  Adopting a raptor is an excellent opportunity to provide direct support to these amazing and fascinating raptors.  Your adoption support helps us ensure these ambassadors continue to inspire and educate people in our community.

By becoming an adoptive “parent”, your support assists us in providing top quality daily care, housing, food, necessary medical attention, and training for our education raptors and volunteers.

These symbolic one year adoptions are an exciting way for individuals, families, businesses, and classrooms to participate in wildlife stewardship while creating a personal connection with one of natures unique creatures.  Adoptions make great gifts, too.

Read your adoption options below then use the online or printable form to make your adoption selection.

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Adoption Options

An individual adoption of $50 per year will receive:

  • Adoption certificate
  • Color photo of the bird you adopt
  • Biography of the adopted bird
  • A natural history of the species

For a classroom adoption of $150 per year you will receive:

  • Adoption certificate
  • Color 8×10 photo of the bird to display in the classroom
  • Biography of the adopted bird
  • A natural history of the species
  • A 1/2 hour education program within Blount County TN School Systems with your adopted bird.  (If your school is located outside of Blount County TN please contact Natalie to discuss other options.

Most important, the students learn about stewardship and caring for avian wildlife, raptors’ unique biology, adaptability, building a foundation and appreciation for nature conservation.

ONLINE Adoption Form

Scroll down just a little further for our ONLINE adoption form.

PRINTABLE Adoption Form

If you would prefer to print, fill out and send the form back to Upstate Birds of Prey with your check or online payment, please use this link to get to the pdf form.  Do not forget, Upstate Birds of Prey must receive your payment and adoption form to process the adoption.

Raptor Adoption Form

ONLINE Adoption Form

Check the bird you choose to adopt (purchaser)

AJ - North American KestrelSir Nick - Broad Winged HawkLady Bart - Broad Winged HawkZena - Red Tailed HawkWilson - Eastern Screech Owl )grey)Edie - Eastern Screech Owl (red)Shadow - Barn Owl

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Gift Recipient Information

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Once you have the form filled out completely, please click the Send button. Make sure you use the paypal link on this page to process your payment. The form and payment must be complete before the adoption can be processed.

Dedicated to the rescue and preservation of birds of prey through education, rehabilitation and the return of these majestic birds back into the wild.